Donad Multi-Concept Nig Ltd Trading as DG Safety Security International

Our Top Management Teams

Our Teams = 'Our pride and most priced Assets'. 

They are resilient, empathetic and efficient in their approach. Most importantly, they are passionate about their work and genuinely motivated to provide positive outcomes for our clients at all times irrespective of the eminent challenges. We are based in Johannesburg South Africa with branches in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, United States and Sales Agents in Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast. Yet we also maintains an extensive network of international consultants, based in different key locations across the world such as USA, Isreal, Lithuania and UK among others. We have a robust open network policy, which enables us to seek highly skilled professionals and or consultancy companies in partnership for a common goal of achieving solutions for specific needs of our clients any time, any day. We are able to deploy our consulting teams within hours of notification, anywhere in the world just as the need arises. Below are our top Ten (10) management leaders from our three branches in Africa, while our Group holding company (Donad Multi Concept Group Ltd) are steared from our Nigerian office.

Founder, President & Managing Director  (Mr. KC Aguguo)

Mr. KC Aguguo President/Founder DG Safety Security International (DGSSI). Mr. Aguguo is an entrepreneur and a security expert in various fields. His security practice provides security program assessment; threat, risk and vulnerability analysis and mitigation strategies; private investigations, security engineering design; and strategic security planning services throughout Southern Africa,East and West African countries. He also has in-depth experience in security performance measurement and maturity modeling for corporate security programs. He has been recognized internationally for his roles in various security volunteer works and security services leadership offering spanning 17 years. Mr. Aguguo began his security career in 1995 from Pretoria South Africa, During that periods, he continued taking various security lectures, courses and obtained various security professional certificates. He also holds four (4) Post-Grad Business Diplomas in the following fields; Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Financial Administration, Diploma in Marketing Management, Diploma in Public Management, all were obtained from Tswane College Pretoria South Africa.

Mr. Aguguo's Professional Certification Includes;

Mr. Aguguo do holds the following Security & Safety Certificates; *Certificate in Lawful Interception & Criminal Investigations, Certificate in Big Data Analytics and Social Network Monitoring, Certificate in Mobile Location, Surveillance and Signal Intercept, Certificate in Encrypted Traffic Monitoring and IT Intrusion Product Training, Certificate in Cyberthreat Information Sharing-Business Opportunities and Cyber Security Initiative Developments, Certificate in Facial Recognition Technology for Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Gathering, Certificate in Hi-Tech Investigation All these certificates were obtained from International Safety Security World Americas Washington DC USA (ISSWORLD USA), Certificate in Technical Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering Training Program obtained from International Safety Security World Americas Washington DC USA (ISSWORLDUSA). Intelligence Gathering Training Conference and Expo Program, Certificate in DOT Hazardous Materials Security Awareness Training from American Department of Transport –USA,. Mr. Aguguo has worked for several private to large organizations, managing security operations. Since leaving the corporate world, he founded DG Safety Security International in 2001.(formerly Dg safety security Consulting Services). Mr. Aguguguo also heads other businesses, such as SFD Inc based in Nigeria, Jones-Kings Auto & Building Maintenance Maryland USA (Co-Owner), Alpha Grace Oil & Gas Nigeria and Alpha Grace Real Estates South (both coming up soon). All of these companies falls under the group company –Donad Multi-Concept Group Ltd.

Vice Managing Director  (Ms. N. Makinita)

Ms. N. Makinita is an accomplished Lawyer with the South African Law Association, and also certified IT security professional with experience assisting organizations successfully complete enterprise-wide security projects. Experience in finance, technology, healthcare and telecom industries, and a proven track record of streamlining security processes, design and implement efficient security solutions, lead and assist multi-disciplined, multi-national teams in achieving security efficiency. She holds a degree in Law with specialization in Mercantile/Business Law. And Ms. Makinita joined DG Safety Security International in 2007 as a Vice Management Director.

Group Director of Operations  (Mr. Mapasi Mokwe)

Mr. Mapasi Mokwe Seasoned professional with over 14 years of experience in all aspects of physical security survey, design, and installation for government and commercial projects. Skilled at finding innovative solutions for complex system needs. Extensive experience running large-scale projects that integrate numerous types of the latest technologies. Ability to build solid relationships with clients and vendors, creating long-term business opportunities.

Selected area of Expertise

- Established project history with many physical security manufacturers, most notably AMAG, LENEL, Software House, CheckPoint, GE, Hirsch Velocity, Bosch, Pelco, and Casi-Rusco. - Specialized knowledge of a wide array of intrusion detection and prevention technologies to include access control, CCTV, door hardware, turnstiles, screening equipment, as well as new innovations such as digital and network video recorders (DVR/NVR), biometrics, smart cards, and wireless device communication. - Competency with computer networking, to include workstation and server installation and maintenance. - Project management experience with both newly constructed and renovating projects. - Familiarity with developing and applying security policies within an organization, including those related to Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF)s. - Ability to communicate effectively with varied individuals within or across multiple organizations. - Proficiencies with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Visio) and AutoCAD applications, including familiarity with reviewing and revising schematic and architectural drawings.

Director of Safety Operations  (Dr. J. Kruger)

Dr. J Kruger currently serves as the Group Director of Operations DG Safety Security International (A subsidiary of Donad Multi-Concept Group Ltd). He was formerly the Director of Operations for Power Heritage Australia, leader of the Fire Safety Network, he is also a renowned international consultant both for Singaporean and Thailand government in fire protection engineering. His project experience has included sites in Thailand, Australia and Singapore as well as South Africa. His clients have included several National Park Service National Historic sites, the National Libraries of Singapore, Thailand and Ausie, the Supreme Court, the Museum of Civilization, the Bermuda Archives. Dr. J Kruger is a registered fire protection engineer and has a formal education consisting of an Associates Degree in Fire Protection Technology from the State University of New York and a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Fire Protection from the University of Maryland. He serves as a principal committee member on the National Fire Protection Association Committee on the Protection of Cultural Resources that produces documents and has authored a number of articles on Fire Safety.

Director of Security Operations  (Mr. Miguel Armando)

Miguel Armando joins DG Safety Security Consulting after completing over twenty-eight years of service with the law Department. As Operations Director, he oversees the Technical Security Solutions division, directs system equipment fabrication and coordinates large security system installations for various clientele. For the past sixteen years of his career, Mr. Armando was assigned to the Patrol Brooklyn Pretoria Capital Operations Unit where he was responsible for the planning, deployment and management of personnel and specialized equipment required for all scheduled and spontaneous events as directed.

Director of Security & Safety Training  (Mrs. Miriam Samson)

Mrs. Miriam Samson has originated strategies in risk assessment, security expert, security system design, crime prevention, feasibility studies, adequacy of security analysis, crisis management consultant, security awareness, executive protection, crowd control, fraud prevention and the development of security management training and orientation curricula. She had operated a security consulting company providing security guard resources, crowd control services, alarm system installations, premises security consultant and service, central station alarm monitoring, and special business investigations for more than 20 years while leaving in UK and America before migrating back home Kenya. She is a recognized lecturer, an authoritative leader, and innovator in the security management profession. Her articles have been published extensively. She has been cited in text books, chaired committees, and has lectured frequently at the Wharton School of Business.

Director of Accounts  (Mr. Paul Mangwiro)

Paul Mangwiro is the Director of Accounts DG Safety Security South Africa and since 2010 has been responsible for the personnel staffing and overall management of one of DG Safety Security financial services client accounts. Prior to joining DG Safety Security, he served as the Loss Prevention District Manager for a well-known electronics retailer in Zimbabwe and was responsible for the hiring, training and management of over 200 employees assigned in Zimbabwe, Mr. Mangwiro was the Director of Security for a prominent musical group. Mr. Mangwiro has also worked for other multi companies in South Africa and Zimbabwe prior joining DG Safety Security Consulting and has received certification in Interview and Interrogation Techniques.

Director of Human Resources (HR)  (Mr. John Koomandara)

John Koomandara is the Human Resources Director of DG Sales Security Consulting, he began his career working for Donad Group in a marketing capacity. Since joining DG Holdings in 2009 John has held a number of major leadership roles. He has worked in DG Nigeria for few months, South Africa and Kenya and within most parts of Marketing, Trading and Gas Power pipe Counter Vandalism. Before taking on his current role, his portfolio of responsibilities as a International Sales Manager, include the Marketing Segment of Donad Group as a whole. This role saw him leading the people agenda across the globe in all our market presence ensuring we have and maintain the very best brains in all areas of our operations and providing HR advise and leadership to all other subsidiary businesses under Donad. Education: Mr. J Koomandara holds Sales & Marketing degree and completed his post graduate diploma in International Relations and his Masters in Human Resources Strategy & Development at the University of Vienna.

General Manager Sales & Marketing  (Mr. Lukeman Dube)

Mr. Lukeman Dube epitomizes the "I" Personality type, influencing others through discussion and activity. His enthusiastic and persuasive personality is supported by a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales and marketing, operations, and risk management. He is a man of integrity, doing things the right way for all of the stakeholders he encounters.

Sales Manager (Ghana Branch)  (Mr. Everistus Koffi)

Mr. Everistus Koffi is the Sales Manager (Ghana) branch of Donad Multi- Concept Nigeria Ltd, a company trading as DG Safety Security International. He has extensive marketing and sales experiences spanning many years of hard work in sales and marketing environments. He is the master brain of sales and marketing lawn principles of laying sales foundations. He has won various awards in Staffs Internal Productive Surveys. He is a man of honest integrity, bringing values to overall vision of the company.

Purchasing Manager (Ghana Branch)  (Mrs. Edith Mills)

Mrs. Edith Mills is the Purchasing Manager of Donad Multi- Concept Nigeria Ltd trading as DG Safety Security International, she has worked hard exceptionally with the company, that she rose from the office of the Purchasing Assistance to her current position as the Purchasing Manager, having won various awards in her excellence to details. She is a dedicated mother and an astute trade unionist, she is commited to the empowerment of women and the underpriviledged. She is involved in this crusade in the auspices of the Ba African Rise Trade Perfection.

General Manager Design & Maintenance  (Mr. George Kageal)

George Kageal has extensive experience in the development, design, procurement, and installation of Physical, Technical and Operational security elements. He has conducted multiple security surveys and vulnerability/threat assessments which were utilized in the planning of proactive solutions to mitigate key assessed risks. He has a wealth of knowledge in the development of construction documents, specifications, and drawings for the purpose of a competitive bidding process. He has hands-on experience performing construction administration for clients involving communication technologies, intrusion detection, CCTV, and access control systems. Specialties in the following; *Physical and Technical Security, *ATFP, *CPTED, *SCIF Design.

Our Private Investigators Profiles

All of our Private Investigators are professionally credentialed by the appropriate industry governing bodies within their specific areas and country of responsibility and are committed to continuing education and thought leadership. In recognition of their expertise, our private investigators are frequently requested to present at a variety of events around the country. Our private investigators are also passionate about educating the industry through white papers and roundtable discussions. We do not publicise pictures of our private investigators for security reasons but be rest assured our investigator’s are vastly experienced to meet your needs at time, any moment any where.

Our Investigators are;

 Outfitted with High-Tech Equipment  From Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds  Properly Licensed and Insured  Experienced Professionals  Appropriately Assigned  Professionally Trained  Remotely Dispatched  Regionally Located

Our Investigations presentations include;

 Copy of Video/Photo Evidence  Pre-Investigation Assessment  Weekend/Holiday Scheduling  Detailed Investigation Report  Secure Evidence Storage  Timely Verbal Updates  Flexible Scheduling  Rapid Turnaround