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We are highly skilled Security Training facilitator that trains Security Officers For you and or your organization in-house or in our training premesis and we also offer International training in various relevant security fields for private individuals, private companies NGO’s, charity organizations and Law enforcement officers. Our training offerings are tailor-made to meet your direct needs. We also offer CPR, First Aid Training, Firearms Training for Security officers, Law enforcement and Personal Protection purposes. At DG Security Training facility, our instructors have extensive Training experiences and professional background in the areas of Law enforcement, Military and other Security fields. We also partner internationally with three leading Security Training companies in Isreal, UK and United States of America to ensure all your security needs are mate at a single knock on our door.

Our Security Course Training List

Aviation Security Course

DG Aviation Security Course is a specialized screening course. In recent years Airports, Sea Ports, Government Buildings and many private industries have increased their security Awareness and procedures. This course teaches the student to use industry specific equipment such as X-ray Screening Machines, Walk-Through Metal Detectors, Hand-Held Metal Detectors and to perform Explosive Trace Detection Testing. To ensure our students are Trained to the highest level, our South African Academy has installed fully operational Equipment, as well as simulators to ensure this outcome is achieved. Upon completion of this course the student will be qualified to work at places such as Airports, Port Facilities, Court Houses, Cruise Ship Terminals, Theme Parks, Gold Mines and Diamond Mines.

Aviation Screening Course

This course has been designed in conjunction with employers of aviation passenger screeners, to assist them recruit suitably qualified staff, and is the most comprehensive Aviation Security course available in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Unarmed Guard & Crowd Control Course

Combining the units of unarmed guard and crowd control means you will be completing a certificate that hones in on the needs of event security personnel. Having a security role at large events or functions means having to consider crowd mentality as well as learning how to conduct large scale evacuations in case of an emergency.

Security Operations (Unarmed) With First Aids

This course is the minimum entry level course for security licensing. Upon completion of this course the student will be qualified to be an unarmed security guard and perform duties associated with Shopping Centre Security, Security, Retail Loss Prevention, Gatehouse Guarding, Mobile Patrols, Hospitals and other medical institutions and Construction Sites.

Security Operations (Unarmed) With First Aids, Crowd Control & RSA

This course is the secondary level Unarmed course. Upon completion of this course the student will be qualified to perform Retail Security, Gatehouse Guarding, Mobile Patrols, Hospitals and Medical Institutions, Construciton Sites, Hotels, Clubs, Sporting Events Concerts, Music Festivals etc.

Control Room & Monitoring Center Operator

Our Monitoring Centre Operator (MCO) course we have on offer falls short at training an individual in working with a security team and performing guard duties. By combining this course with a certificate in Control Room means a broader scope of learning and is seen as more valuable by employers.

Security Operations

The Certificate III in Security Operations is the most comprehensive security ‘licensing’ course of its kind. A graduating student will be trained in every aspect that is needed for the security sector and will be eligible for almost any security role in the industry.

Armed Security Guards

This is often used as a follow up from unarmed security training and will teach you how to use firearms safely and effectively in security operations, as well as using batons and handcuffs. This certificate also refreshes the basic skill sets for security guards and their relationship to customers.

Cash In Transit

Focusing in on cash in transit security procedures is a great solution for additional study or for employment opportunities in bank or ATM security roles. The additional cash in transit units include loading and unloading in an unsecured environment and testing and inspecting cash in transit security equipment.

Combined Armed Security Guard & Cash In Transit Guard

By combining three of our most popular certificate III options, you’ll have a well informed understanding of controlling security risks with firearms, contributing to effective security procedures and implementing transit loading and unloading roles.

Security & Risk Management

This is our most thorough certificate in security available (before moving on to a diploma) and covers introductory units through to more in depth specialties. Has several different strings aimed at investigators, crowd controllers or security guards and monitoring centre or control room supervisors.

Security & Risk Management (For Security Supervisor)

Targeted towards students who already have an existing security license, this course further equips a student with the tools what is needed in the sector. Students will learn how to identify and assess assets and threats, undertake investigations and interpret information across a variety of mediums and apply it to real world security operations.

Apply First Aids

This course teaches the student to administer basic first aid, provide basic emergency life support and perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The First Aid Qualification is desirable in the workplace and is also an excellent Life skill.

Crowd Control

This course is required by the licenced security officer if they are to perform Security duties which require the keeping of order in a public place. The duties Of a Crowd Controller involves the screening of people entering into a venue, Monitoring or controlling the behavior of people at that venue, and on occasion if Required the removal of people from the venue. With this qualification the Student could gain employment at Hotels, Clubs, Concerts, Music Festivals, Sporting Events etc.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

This course is a legal requirement for any person, who is employed in any workplace where alcohol is available for purchase.

Cash-In-Transit Security

This course will qualify the student to perform the specialist role of escorting Cash and valuables. The demand for Cash-in-Transit officers is ever increasing As businesses and people, endeavour to minimize the risk to both themselves and Their property. Cash-in-Transit officers’ work is varied, they can be uniformed Officers or plain clothed officers, they can also be armed or unarmed.

Drugs & Alcohol Testing Officer

This course will qualify the student the perform the duties of a Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Officer. The student will be qualified to perform both random and scheduled testing of both urine and oral fluids for the presence of drugs of abuse, as well as the function of Breath Testing for the presence of Alcohol. The student will learn the practical elements of carrying out these tests and also the theory and record-keeping requirements of performing these duties. With this qualification the student could obtain employment in places such as Mining Sites, Construction Sites, Earthmoving companies and any place of employment where large numbers of People are operating vehicles or machinery.

CCTV Monitoring Course

Upon Completion of this course the student will qualify to have the endorsement of Monitoring added to their security licence. This qualification will enable the student To work in any environment that uses CCTV equipment and perform intruder alarm Monitoring, duress alarm monitoring, fire alarm monitoring, people monitoring etc. Some examples of where Monitoring takes place are shopping centres, casinos, control rooms.

Monitoring Center Operator

A Monitoring Centre Operator’s (MCO) role is to interpret and respond appropriately to signals and alarms within a centre. This could include commercial or residential facilities. The main different between a MCO and a ‘Control Centre Operator’ is that the MCO does not undertake any guarding or protection duties.

Firearms & Defensive Tactics With Cash-In-Transit Security Officers

Undertaking this course will qualify the student to meet the South African Police Requirements to obtain a Security (Guard) Weapons Licence in South Africa or Nigerian Police department to obtain requirements for Long guns such as riffles and or as required by the Nigerian law. The student will be trained to determine response to risk situations, how to Respond to risk situations, and how to manage situations including the use Of Batons & Handcuffs and Firearms. The student will become aware of the legal requirements governing the use Of force. In depth training will be provided in the areas of of weapon retention, weapon disarming and weapon maintenance. A one day field trip at a live firing range is included, and the student will receive Coaching of safe practices with the firearm and marksmanship training and Practice. On completion of this course, and after licensing, the student would be qualified to be an Armed Security Guard and could be employed by security law enforcement and or any private security and Other companies who provide Armed Cash and Valuables transport.

HandCuffs & Batons Course

This streamlined course will train the student how to use handcuffs and batons in real world scenarios.

Bodyguards Course

After completing our Bodyguard course you’ll be equipped to maintain the safety of persons and the environment whilst coordinating high quality security services to customers.