Donad Multi-Concept Nig Ltd Trading as DG Safety Security International

Our History

DG Safety Security International began providing Safety and Security consulting services and product procurement in 2001, when it was founded first in South Africa and it has ever since served various clients in diverse industries in all parts of Africa, in the strict areas of Safety and Security consulting services and product procurement. In 2004, Donad Multi-Concept Nigeria (Trading as DG Safety Security International Nigeria) was born and with the exceptional edge market penetration in the safety and security industries in Nigeria most populous African nation, the group company further expanded to Kenya in 2010 from where the East African market is taped through (Donad Multi-Concept Kenya Ltd).

As DG Safety Security International grew; it's management teams also grew ever from their three current segments branches, they developed a vision to be "the best provider of safety and security staffing, education, products and services," and a mission to "provide ethical, professional and contemporary safety security  services and product procurement to equip conscientious customers with resources to succeed in preventing loss of life, limb and properties.

"The contemporary aspect has really separated us, Having embraced safety and security technologies, adjusting and making changes to our approaches and ultimately acts as coaches to safety and security. This is contrary to the long held perceptions that safety and security professionals mainly serve in an enforcement roles".

As an engaging company, DG Safety Security International distinguishes itself with excellent knowledge benefits, such as but limited to continuing education, competitive pay, a cash bonus to reward top performers and a year-end-bonus. To be the best, we have thus attracted best professionals in Safety and Security Consulting industries. "Once they're here, they take full advantage of our benefits".

DG Safety Security International continues to provide high degree of comprehensive safety and security consulting services and product procurement to healthcare facilities, construction firms, manufacturing facilities, municipalities, governments departments, NGO's, individuals and numerous other clients large and small. 

Vision & Strategy

Our utmost aim is to provide exceptional consulting services, representing high quality safety and security product manufacturers in the African market, thereby delivering outstanding results to our clients. We do not want to be the largest firm in our field hence we are not, rather we are the best and most respected.

To fulfill our vision and maintain our strategy.

To this end, we provide our clients with efficient, informed and independent safety and security advice, focused solely on their specific and evolving requirements.

DG Safety Security International is committed to ensuring that our collective knowledge and experience is up-to-date at all times and at the cutting edge of industry’s best practice.


DG Safety Security International will provide ethical, professional and contemporary safety and security services and product procurements to equip conscientious customers with resorces to succeed in preventing loss of life, limb, properties and ensure safety and security.

                                                    Our Values                                                             

Our Values: We share an unwavering commitment to safety and security; We strive to create an environment where our work is fun and fulfilling; Each team member is united by our passion for excellence; Quality is the fiber that binds all of our efforts around the globe; We are responsive to the needs of our clients and employees; We strive for meaningful innovation; Our teamwork enables us to lead the industry; We believe in the recognition and celebration of our results; Individual integrity is the foundation of everything we do.

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