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An alarm to suit every home

Homeowners are inevitably becoming more aware of the importance of home security, with a higher degree of accessibility to crime reports and statistics thanks to the rise of mobile internet and social media. Consequently, more and more people are considering the right home security solution to protect and benefit their home.

A home alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent; 60% of burglars say they would be discouraged from targeting a house if they knew it had a home alarm.
So whether you’re going away on holiday, or simply turning the lights out after a long day at work, a fitted home alarm system can offer complete peace-of-mind, protecting both your belongings, and – most importantly – you and your family.
With all this in mind, DG Safety Security's suppliers has developed a comprehensive range of alarms to suit any property.  Whether you’d like to install our Easy Fit Alarm yourself, or have a professional install the SmartHome Alarm system at your home – we have an alarm for you.

Easy Fit Alarm Range

Yale’s Easy Fit Alarm is a simple-to-install DIY home alarm system, designed to protect your home and give you additional peace of mind.

Harnessing pre-programmed wirefree technology, the Easy Fit alarm doesn’t require complex installation or wiring, making it the perfect way to protect your home quickly and easily.

Available in four kit variants, alongside a range of accessories, the Easy Fit home alarm system allows you to tailor your home security to suit your property.

SmartApartment Alarm

The Apartment Alarm is a keypad operated system ideal for flats, apartments and maisonettes. The keypad enables you to set or unset the alarm via a pin code. The system is pre-set with a 20 second entry/exit period and will allow the entire property to be either armed or disarmed.When triggered, the loud internal siren will sound and alert others of the intrusion.

Standard Kit

The new Easy Fit Standard Alarm is a basic keypad operated system, ideal for a flat, or a terraced or semi-detached home. The keypad allows you to enable or disable the alarm via an access code, and the system is pre-set with a 20 second exit/entry period and will allow the entire property to be either armed or disarmed.

Telecommunicating Kit

The new Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm will ring you when triggered, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. The touch screen panel performs all the functions of the standard control panel with the additional feature of alerting you by telephone should the alarm be activated. The system can store up to three telephone numbers, such as your home, mobile and work numbers and will call them in a specified sequence. The telecommunicating alarm can also be activated and deactivated using your touch-tone telephone.

SmartPhone Alarm
Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm System

The Easy Fit SmartPhone alarm is Yale’s top of the range home alarm system, operated via an iPhone or Android SmartPhone, or via a standard PC web browser.

Most people are now accustomed used to using their smartphone to organise their affairs, improve their productivity and to generally make life easier. Whether you want to find your nearest Chinese restaurant, you’re having trouble sleeping, or you’re unable to get up from the couch and run 5k; we’re all used to hearing: “There’s an app for that!” Now, you can use your phone to secure your home.

You can now remotely arm and disarm your home’s system via your smartphone, when used in conjunction with Yale’s top-of-the-range Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm, as well as receiving images captured on the wall-mounted PIR device, delivered seconds after the alarm is triggered.

Primarily alerting to intrusion via its external siren alarm, the system offers peace of mind while away from home, with the comfort of knowing you’ll be alerted if anything happens*.

With a range of accessories available – including the clever power switch accessory, allowing lights, appliances and other electrical items to be turned on and off using a smartphone – this system integrates your home alarm system with your mobile device, giving you convenience and

peace of mind in your pocket.
SmartHome Alarm Range

Yale SmartHome Alarm combines the latest mobile technology with the convenience of Yale’s wirefree connectivity, with the option of monitoring and service packages.

Intended for professional installation, Yale’s SmartHome Alarm gives you new ways to protect your family and belongings, including optional power controls to activate upstairs lights when the back garden PIR is triggered, or an MP3 file connected to the doorbell – either a welcoming tune, or a not-so-welcoming barking dog!

If you forget to activate the alarm upon leaving your house, you can switch it on remotely from your mobile phone.

With its stylish touch-screen control panel, and user-friendly voice assist helping guide you as you use the system, Yale SmartHome Alarm is the future of alarm systems and takes home security to the next level.
Standalone Range

The Yale Stand Alone Alarm range offers flexible and convenient security options, without disrupting your main home alarm system.

The range includes three portable self-contained units which are battery operated, and can be used anywhere in your home.

Whether securing your caravan, a particular room in your house, a shed, conservatory or greenhouse, the entire range is covered by a two-year guarantee.

A stand alone alarm can offer a convenient solution to students and property renters alike, providing security measures without permanent modifications to a property. Holidaymakers, too, can benefit from the range as additional security provisions.

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