Donad Multi-Concept Nig Ltd Trading as DG Safety Security International

Automatic Bollards.

We have a large range of Automatic Rising Bollards that can be installed in a variety of different applications, are robust and a high security method of preventing vehicular access. Our range includes Automatic Bollards with built-in flashing lights that operate during operation, that can extend to a height of over 900mm with operational times of just 4 seconds, dependant upon your requirements.

  • Automatic Bollards
  • Residential & Commercial Bollards
  • City Centre Bollards
  • Traffic Lane Control & Traffic Limitation
  • Anti Ram Raid Bollards
  • Control of Pedestrianised Areas

Crash Rated PAS 68 K12 Crash Rated Automatic Bollards.

We have a large range of Crash Rated PAS 68 K12 Automatic Bollards.

We offer extremely high security automatic bollards that are Pas 68 & K12 crash tested bollards and ram raid resistant, fully encased and secure when lowered or raised. High visibility is guaranteed by a set of programmable (flashing or constant) LED's around the top of the bollard. Optional extras include UPS constant power battery back up to maintain locking during power failures and a heating kit to provide icing in cold areas, along with remote interfaces to identify what position the bollard(s) are, i.e .raised or lowered.

  • Automatic Bollards - Crash Rated
  • PAS Rated Bollards
  • High Performance Bollards
  • Ram Raid Bollards
  • High Security Bollards
  • Anti-Terrorist Bollards

Power Bollards Pop Up Power Posts & Popup Power Supplies, Rising Power Poles, Rising Power Posts, Rising Power Poles.

A range of manual lift, automatic and semi-automatic power poles and power post rising bollards. Ideal in town centre environments, markets, shopping centre, shows, events, anywhere where temporary power is required but not left on show. The user simply lifts the lid, plugs in their power lead and switches on. One bollard/post can serve many outlets with custom built distribution boards for upto 20 or more outlets.

The units can be retracted at the press of a remote control keyring fob, a keypad or from a remote command centre such as a control room (optional).

Ideal for market and events, as opposed to running in temporary power with the associated health & safety issues, the power poles and posts can be installed once and used when required, there are no limits to the amount of units that can be installed.

  • Retractable Power Post & Poles
  • Minimises Health & Safety Trip Hazards
  • Maintains the Surrounding
  • Secure When Down
  • Asthetically Pleasing
  • Permantly Installed

Custom Designed Bollard Towers & Communication Poles

Stainless Steel Intercom Control Posts, Bollards & Intercom Poles

We have a range of Bollard Towers, Columns etc that can be fabricated to accomodate a range of devices and appliances, such as intercoms, control points, help points, power outlets, etc.

Either constructed in a tubular or square finish, with either galvanised or stainless steel, both of which can be poweder coated if required.

  • Bollard Towers
  • Bollard Columns
  • Control Columns
  • Power Columns

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