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                                                                                        Car To Car Communication

Car To Car Efficient Clear Communication
Recent technology would allow cars to talk each other,helping to prevent accidents and make better traffic flow that is about to get a real world road test.

Most of high technology cars already produced with sensors capable of spotting a vehicle in a driver’s blind spot, or warning that the car is drifting out of lane,but these technologies, which use radar, laser, or video sensors are limited. Car to car communications could provide more well-rounded earlier warnings, for example, when a car several vehicles ahead brakes suddenly.
Car To Car Communication Best with Convoy Driving

The technology was tested in a lot of situations, it will warn driver when it is unsafe to pass, and if someone is approaching an intersection with a speed could cause an accident. Each car comes with a radio that its speed and direction, as determined GPS, signals are fitted to other vehicles. It will also send this information to suitably equipped traffic equipment.

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