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Summary introduction:
With the gps tracker TR20, you can get the exact position of the cars, buses, trucks or motor bikes. Also you can get the trajectory playback of the car, buses or trucks and remotely control the power and door etc of the car. You can get the direction and condition (ACC on, ACC off, door-pen, door-locked etc) of the cars anytime and anywhere. When the speed or direction of the car deviates from the preset value, the tracker will send the alarming reports such the power-off alarming, over-speed report etc. What's more, you can get the mileage calculation of the cars and monitor the fuel status of the vehicles.

1. Fuel sensor (optional)
2. Intelligent report
3. Geo-fence
4. Remotely power and engine cut off
5. Direction change report
6. Built in memory
7. Built in backup battery
8. Door Lock/unlock control
9. Emergency release
10. Fixed time/distance report
11. Storage the data in no-GSM-signal place
12. SMS function
13. Temperature sensor (optional)
14. Odometer sensor (optional)
15. Microphone (optional)
16. 4 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs

  • Over-speed report, Geo-fence report, Odometer report, Parking report, Fuel report, Time report, Vehicle’s information report, Export the information to Excel, Location on Google map, Temperature report, Door-open and door-closed report.








Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • GSM ID tracking
  • Monitor
  • SD card (optional)
  • Dual SIM card
  • Movement alarm
  • Shake alarm
  • Illegal ignition alarm
  • Out power be cut off alarm
  • Overspeed alarm
  • SOS alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Cut off the oil and circuit over the air
  • Upgrade software over the air
  • History trace, Geo-fence


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Features:
    • With automatic report position
    • Suitable to get target latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS
    • Can add or change username and password
    • Supports overspeed alert function
    • Supports monitoring and SOS features
  • Specifications:
    • Size: 80 x 60 x 25mm
    • Weight: 100g
    • Network: GSM and GPRS
    • Band: 850, 900, 1,800, and 1,900MHz
    • GSM sensitivity: less than 102dBm
    • GPS chipset: SiRF III chipset
    • GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
    • GPS accuracy: 5m
    • Cold/hot TTFF: 35/2s
    • Car charger: 12 to 24V input, 5V output
    • Battery power: 3.7V DC lithium ion battery, 1,100mA
    • Battery lifespan: about 50 hours
    • Operating temperature: -10 to 65°C
    • Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C
    • Relative humidity: 5 to 95% and non-condensing
  • Key Specifications/Special Features:

    • Features:
      • Minimum interval for data sending of TK102 is 30 seconds, for new ARM7 solution, it can be five seconds
      • Data adds direction, altitude, battery voltage, charging status, number of satellites, length of GPRS string, and GSM ID (includes MCC, MNC and cell ID)
      • Supports more languages like English, Spanish and others
      • Commands can be sent to tracker by GPRS tracking server directly but not only by telephone SMS
      • There is motion sensor for TK102-2, unit will send an alert to user at once when it's moved or touched heavily
      • There is SD card slot in TK102-2
      • GPRS data can be saved in SD card if GPRS is off
      • For auto tracking, no need to send coordinates if moving distance is less than 50 meters
      • Longer standby time, for old one, standby battery time is about 40 hours, for new ARM7 solution, it can be 90 hours
      • New ARM7 solution offer us much more space for programming, then we can offer more customized performance
      • It is much easier to modify the software base on TK102-2 personal GPS tracker
      • With automatic report position and motion detection
      • Geo-fence alert function
      • Suitable to get target latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS
      • Supports monitoring and SOS features
    Key Specifications/Special Features:
    • SMS/GPRS sending data
    • Movement/Geo-fence/speed/low-battery alarm
    • ACC, SOS alarms
    • Remote cut-off electricity and oil function
    • Collision vibration alarm (crash alarm)
    • Voice monitoring
    • Main power disconnect alarm
    • Remotely update firmware
    • Distance limit data transmission
    • Remotely engine cut-off and restart
    • SD card save data when GPRS without connection
    • Car collide alert (new feature)
    • Waterproof: IP67
    • Built-in 1,000mAh backup battery
    • Easy connect to car/motorcycle 9-36V battery
    • Car ACC-on/off detect
    • Both supports TCP and UDP protocols
    • Can change it as personal tracker
  • Applications: vehicles/ships/motorcycles/rental/fleet management
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