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FC10 Breath Alcohol Tester

The FC10 Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is first in ease of use. Preferred by police, medical, and workplace professionals, the FC10 combines high precision, ease of use and ruggedness with affordability. The Lifeloc FC10 includes both direct testing and passive testing. Passive testing does not require a mouthpiece and is perfect for rapid "zero tolerance" alcohol screening of subjects and open containers. Known for its long life and fast recovery times, the FC10 is likely the only breath alcohol tester you will ever need.

  • U.S. DOT (NHTSA) approved
  • Automatic, Manual and Passive sampling modes
  • Auto adjusting backlit LCD for excellent day or night visibility
  • Can take test with or without EasyTab™ mouthpiece
  • Fastest response and recovery times in the industry
  • Easy to understand text guides user
  • Audible and graphical breath flow and level indicators
  • Exceptional battery life provides up to 6,000 tests
  • Full Sized 1" Platinum Fuel Cell alcohol sensor ensures long life and reliability.
FC20 Bluetooth Breath Alcohol Tester

Lifeloc's top of the line professional breath alcohol testing device, the FC20, has been enhanced to include wireless communication providing truly mobile testing. Using Bluetooth™ technology you can now connect your FC20BT to printers, keyboards, and other Bluetooth™ enabled devices.

The FC20BT comes standard with automatic, manual and passive testing, and includes on-board test memory. The flexible operating system allows for true customization of languages, units of measure, security features and much more.

The optional Bluetooth keyboard allows for easy data entry with printing options that include a wireless thermal printer or direct printing from your PC using Lifeloc’s AlcoMark® software

Simply put, the FC20BT breathalyzer is the easiest to use, most powerful, capable and versatile unit on the market.

Dräger's drug testing equipment provides reliable and accurate means to conduct drug testing for law enforcement, government and industry environments.

Fast and Accurate Dräger DrugTest 5000 Drug Detection Screening Systems
  • Incorporates two main components, the Dräger DrugTest Kit and the Dräger DrugTest 5000 Analyser
  • Reliable and easy to operate mobile electronic system ideal for on site measurement of drug abuse in oral fluid samples collected with Dräger DrugTest Kits
  • Accurate diagnosis can detect a wide range of alcoholic or drug substances with simple 3-key operation
  • Analyser’s integral data memory is capable of storing up to 500 individual measurements in 5 different languages
  • Easily links to a wide variety of data recording devices such as a PCs, printers or barcode scanner
  • Compatible with SSK 5000 swab surface sampling
Rapid and precise breath-alcohol analysis with Dräger's Alcotest 6510
  • Utilises electrochemical sensor technology in a user friendly and compact form
  • Simple and intuitive operation that uses "slide'n'click" mouthpieces for right and left hand operation making this a very easy device to use
  • Safe and hygienic design runs of 2 x AA batteries sufficient for performing more than 1500 tests
Alcotest 6810 hand held breath alcohol testers
  • Incorporates sophisticated technology to supply results in a short response time
  • Record up to 250 test results in the in-built memory which can be printed or transferred to a PC
  • Handheld instrument is easily adapted to meet different international regulations and guidelines
Compact and robust Alcotest 7510 
  • Provides short test intervals and precise measurements
  • Non-slip rubber housing for optimal grip
  • GPS technology maps and records exact location where breath test is performed

Easy to operate Alcotest 9510 evidential breath alcohol analysers

  • Highly developed detection instrument for the accurate analysis of breath alcohol concentrations
  • Dual sensor measurement system based on infrared optical and electrochemical sensor technologies, the device meets all the requirements of breath analysis for forensic and evidential purposes in law enforcement and industrial applications
  • Built-in printer for onsite print out of all relevant data including date, time, result and machine number
Stringent DIN VDE 0405 type-approved Alcotest 7110 Mk V Evidential breath alcohol evidence device
  • Exceptional accuracy of breath alchohol concentration with electro-chemical and infrared-optical sensor
  • Compensation for breathing method and body temperatures influencing measurement
  • Approved in Germany by police for official evidence in court

Interlock XT – Breath alcohol ignition interlock devices

  • Wired into ignition systems of vehicles and equipment, preventing the starting of the vehicle or equipment if the breath alcohol concentration exceeds the prescribed limit, improving workplace safety
  • Electro-chemical sensor system accurately determines breath alcohol concentration and records events in a data memory
  • Ready to use, providing fast results, safe from manipulation
Battery operated Dräger Mobile Printer can be used in conjunction with some Alcotest models and DrugTest 5000 for recorded measurements.

Dependable transportation and preservation of oral sample results with DCD 5000, for immediate sampling and containing.

These drug testing equipment provides precise diagnostic evaluation and data management, and a fast and accurate means of testing oral fluid samples for drugs of abuse, such as Amphetamines, Designer amphetamines, Opiates, Cocaine and metabolites, Benzodiazepines and cannabinoids.
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