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                                                           Audio & Video Intercoms for Your Homes, Apartments, Offices etc.


· Audio Only Intercom Systems
Intercom systems that only provide audio communication allow you to speak with the person at the intercom panel before choosing to grant access to them. Systems may also include concierge stations, which let you use the intercom to contact the resident superintendent or doorman.

· Video Intercom Systems
Video intercom systems add an extra layer of security over audio only intercoms. Intercom units include a video screen which displays a live video feed from the intercom call station at the front door. This allows residents to visually verify the person at the door prior to granting them access. Video systems may also include audio only communication with the concierge or resident super. Additionally, some systems may include picture memory or voice memo options which allow you to review images of anyone who attempted to visit you while you were away.

· Remote Doorman

Intercom systems are only beneficial when someone is in the home or apartment and able to answer the call. For times when you are away, consider adding the functionality and features of a remote doorman service such as DG Security Doorman. Remote doorman systems offer the benefit of granting access to guests and accepting deliveries when you are not home. Additionally, the system records the video from the entrance for a higher level of security.

With the help of DG Doorman, you can keep your home safe from intruders. Our revolutionary technology also makes it easy to welcome visitors and get packages and deliveries.
DG Safety Security Consulting sales, supplies and installs state of the art security video/intercom systems for virtually all industrial and commercial applications including: Building, Car Parks, Lifts, Medical and Industrial.

Our Intercom systems provide the necessary audio component for security systems and interface with a variety of peripheral systems and devices. For multiple site installations, DG Safety Security  intercom systems network via ISDN, eliminating the need for costly tie lines.

We offer station equipment for virtually any environment and operating requirement. Our systems are extremely reliable and provide exceptional audio quality.

Vastly experience in designing, installing, repairing and maintaining, audio and video intercom systems, . We install systems throughout Scotland including: Aberdeen, Elgin, Inverness, the Highlands and Island & Caithness.

From single phone door enty intercom systems, audio intercom systems, to large flatted developments with video intercom , BarTec ensures that you get the best system for you, with the best of equipment from across the access control industry. We can link audio and video intercoms over LAN and WAN and can run intercoms over the network and broadband. Systems can be integrated to our range of automatic gates, barriers, turnstiles and road blockers.
Such a nice system ,These system are more beneficiary to secure their homes.These type of system are needed for people who are in risky professions such us journalists, police officers and leaders of the the community. These people make enemies because of their professions.

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