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Aviation Services

Most major African countries whose seriously fighting Aviation crimes has in one way or the other identified with DG Safety Security International, one of the World leader in provision of Aviation security services, consulting and Aviation safety and security product procurements.

We indeed have developed an insurmountable expertise in Aviation Services Security that differentiates us in the African marketplace. As a result of this expertise, most major airports in the African continent have used and continue to use the services of DG Safety Security International both in the aspect of Aviation Security Training and Safety and Security Product procurements provider of choice as a leader in African Safety and Security Product Distribution.

We have directly and indirectly through a second party provided security services for:

  1. Oliver Tambo International Airport Johannesburg (ORTA)
  2. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi Kenya
  3. Eldorett International Airport Kenya
  4. Gabar Tula Airport Kenya
  5. Luanda International Airport Angola
  6. Lubango Airport Angola
  7. Entebbe International Airport Uganda
  8. Enugu International Airport Enugu State Nigeria

We believe by combining the right people, processes and technology, we have developed a system of checks and balances, oversight, accountability and verification of reliability that ensures the security programs are implemented and executed for optimal protection of assets.

Innovative Technology Solutions

DG Safety Security International with an arm as a Safety and Security Products Manufacturer’s distributor, this edge has given us the opportunity to work better with the best state of the art safety and security technological products available in the market today, we continually seek ways to improve the client experience using innovative technology solutions. 

Our Aviation Services and Products Procurements include:

  1. Aircraft security/access control and Systems
  2. Catering security and Screening equipment
  3. Cargo warehouse security and equipment screening
  4. Cargo escort and screening
  5. Duty-free seal inspection and screening equipment procurements
  6. Drug and Narcotics Equipments procurement
  7. Pre-& post-airline boarding services and products
  8. Document verification with state of the art equipment
  9. Airport Radar equipment procurements and maintenance
  10. Ramp security/hold and exterior inspection
  11. Pre-boarding aircraft cabin crews and Equipments to enhance such screening
  12. Secure retrieval of company cars, computers, documents and drug samples from departing employees.

Security in and around the airport premises and airline services industry is paramount to the overall security of that country. These among others are vital reasons why we provide unparalleled training to all of our officers and we are determined to provide our clients with the best-trained security staff in the security industry.


Training having been one of our core Security engagement offerings, we have made, and will continue to make, significant investments in such key assets as the DG Safety and Security Academy, our reputable in-house and off-house training school, and proprietary programs has kept our officers updated daily on important site-specific topics. Our award winning training programs have been recognized as among the best in the world.


DG Safety Security has many years experience in provision of property security services and product procurements. As we work closely with home-owners, residents and clients to create customized security programs that addresses their individual and collective needs focused on advance planning and preparation for all contingencies, diligent protection, and enhanced customer service.

DG Safety Security Services classified its Property Security Services in four areas such as;

1. Commercial building services like offices, shopping malls and stores etc.

2. Estates Homes like town-houses etc.

3. Community Neighborhood Security

4. Private Homes like self standing homes with its own perimeter fencing.


Here we do not only focus on securing both people and property but also on acting as customer service ambassadors for our commercial building customers and residents. Hence our programs are customized to the unique environment of each property, and every tenant is treated equal as a client. We also work closely with customers to incorporate the security program into the organizational culture of that or those companies we protect, with consideration of their individual and collective enterprise objectives. In addition to protection, our goal is to help reduce overall security expenditures, identify and reduce threats, while documenting returns on investment, and relieve the property management of the burden of security management.


We employ the use of sophisticated Safety and Security equipments that meets the current threats of the environment and which is also inline with the budget of the clients to maintain a maximum security and safety of the building, properties and lives.

Community Security Developing customized security solutions for safe and secure residential communities. With DG Safety Security, we understand the things that your community values the most, such as creating an environment where residents and guests feel safe, secure and welcome. We also understand that each community is unique and has its own challenges and concerns, so our security solutions are customized to help meet your goals as well as fit within your budget.


Our integrated approach after a total Risk & Threats Operational Analysis is conducted by our Expert, DG Safety Security will address your community’s unique security needs via a customized combination of:

  • On-site Guarding: Security Guard Officers at your main-gate makes a friendly first impression and double as goodwill ambassadors.

  • Remote Guarding: This helps increase coverage by enabling scheduled video tours and remote escorts, and in many cases, helps reduce your community’s total security investment.

  • Mobile Guarding:  Security Guard Officers who conduct daily tours in our clearly marked vehicles  can help add an extra security presence and assist in deterring unwanted behavior.


History has it that Private Homes has always been a target for criminals, burglars, kidnappers and even assasins. DG Safety Security has been one of the leader in both high-tech sophisticated electronics home security systems and home security services. 



Securing Creche, Colleges & Universities

Our expertise in helping school administrators Safeguard Students, Staff And Property through the use of both Physical Security Solutions and Surveilence Cameras that are easy to manage are designed to address both internal and external threats.

Private and Public Schools, Colleges, Universities and Daycare centers and other educational institutions have many security needs that are unlike any other industries we serve.  That’s why we have dedicated expert specialists who work with educational facilities and institutions. 

Our Education Solutions experts has the knowledge and experience to plan, build and execute out complete solutions for educational facilities, sports facilities and other educational properties.

We provide integrated solutions that uses intrusion detection, intercom, IP Cameras surveilance, visitor management, access control, and fire and life safety solutions to help school administrators, teachers and students streamline and enhance security operations. This results in easy-to-manage security solutions that provide increased visibility into activities occurring inside and outside of your facilities.

From helping to deter theft, vandalism and bullying, to helping ensure higher levels of personal and public safety, we offer a no-cost comprehensive security review to show you what best-in-class security can do for your daycare center, school, college, university or other educational institution.

Call our dedicated staffs today for a complete free educational security advise.


Securing Bankings in Africa

DG Safety Security International Strategic Security Solutions for Banks: Advanced ATM Security, Video Surveillance With Remote Look-In, Intrusion Detection And Monitoring, and Customized Risk Review Programs

DG Safety Security works with most African largest financial institutions, we’ve helped develop the most sophisticated methods for protecting assets.  Today, those investments are paying off for all of our banking customers, regardless of size.

Our industry-leading solutions for the banking and financial sector include access control, intrusion detection, fire and life safety, and video surveillance systems. We also provide ATM security solutions including advanced anti-skimming technology, silent alarm notification, video surveillance solutions, ATM lighting and optional video monitoring. Managed Services such as remote video guard tours and video escort services utilize your own video surveillance cameras to add protection to your facility and your employees.

By helping you streamline the management of your security systems, we help you enhance your information management capabilities and gain better situational awareness into all of your operations.

Our local presence, combined with our unmatched experience and knowledge of the banking and financial industry, helps institutions implement solutions that meet or exceed industry standards of performance, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations as well as legal and insurance requirements.


Sudden Rise of Attacks on Prayer Houses

In recent times, we have seen unprecedented attacks on various Religious institutions. Hence we now provide tailor-made Security And Safety Solutions needed to protect people, facilities and property, While guarding your premises against theft, vandalism and other disasters.

We have various kinds of sophisticated safety and security technologies and products suitable for protecting all types of businesses and government facilities. But we also work with thousands of religious organizations, as well as clubs and associations of all types, providing security for a wide variety of facilities. No matter what type of organization you manage, we can show you the risks facing similar organizations, and help you devise security solutions to mitigate those risks.

Our comprehensive suite of technologies employ access control, intrusion detection, visitor management and intercom systems, video surveillance systems and fire and life safety solutions to help you streamline and enhance security operations. This results in easy-to-manage security solutions that provide increased visibility into activities occurring inside and outside of your facilities. 

These solutions can help protect your people and facilities from everyday threats like bomb-blast, vandalism and theft, as well as worst-case scenarios like armed intruders or fire. 

Our remote management tools allow you to receive alerts and perform live video look-ins from any web-enabled device, wherever you are with our around-the-clock alarms and video. 


DG Protection Planning & Contingency 

We have enormous experience serving from federal, State and local governments, As we provide full comprehensive risk review, physical security, video and integration services and ongoing support.

We do have a long history of providing security solutions to all levels of government, law enforcement and military in and around Africa.  We have experience working with executive, judicial and legislative branches at the federal, state and local level.

Our integrated solutions employ access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, video surveillance systems, panic devices and fire and life safety solutions to help agencies streamline and enhance security operations. 

The result is streamlined administration and management of your systems, with increased situational awareness throughout all areas of your operations.

Our local, regional and national teams are experienced in working with government purchasing systems to deliver effective solutions on time and on budget.  As a member of a Nigerian Police arm for long, we are looked to for best practices for cost-effective contracting, design and implementation of security, fire and life safety and surveillance solutions.


Our availability in helping Health Care Providers safeguard patients, staff, inventory and property with Easy-To-Manage security solutions for physical security, access control, video surveillance, Fire/Life safety and more.

Medical facilities present a unique security challenge. 

Sensitive medical records, high-value equipment, and pharmaceutical/medical inventories can be vulnerable to theft and internal misuse. Medical offices, clinics, laboratories and hospitals can be the target for burglary, theft and even organized crime. Measures must also address fire and life safety issues, including emergency preparedness due to natural or man-made disasters.

DG Safety Security offers expertise in the area of healthcare security, providing comprehensive solutions that help you manage these risks to protect people, inventory, patients and property. Our solutions help meet the requirements of local, state and federal regulations, with comprehensive reporting and information management capabilities.

Our easy-to-manage solutions employ visitor management, intrusion detection, access control, loss prevention, fire and life safety and video surveillance technologies, along with smart tools to streamline and enhance security operations. 

From gaining greater visibility and control of your inventory, to knowing who is in your facilities and when, our integrated Security can help you assess the risks you face, and design and implement an integrated security solution to address your security needs with respect for your patient care environment. 


We work closely with hotel establishments to create customized security programs that focus on guest relations, advance planning, and preparation for all contingencies.

DG Safety Security International understands the pressure on hotel managers to provide safe and secure environments and superior customer service for guests and visitors, while at the same time ensuring optimization of resources for the best value.

The hotel and hospitality industry hosts unique security challenges that require innovative risk management solutions. Hotel security programs must effectively protect hotel property and personnel as well as guests, visitors, and vendors and their property.

DG Safety Security program is designed to meet the needs of hotel and hospitality clients with industry-specific, quality security programs that provide professional planning, prevention, and protection, taking security and safety needs, enterprise objectives, and cost effectiveness into consideration.

With best practices drawn from security programs in place at hotel properties, our approach to security delivers enhanced customer service and discreet but effective security.

With our specialized programs, you can fine-tune your security posture to reflect and complement the image you wish to portray to your guests and the general public, while maintaining the security presence required to mitigate risk and liability.

Our approach to hotel security is comprehensive, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and proactive planning to identify and mitigate potential risks. 


DG Safety Security provides wide security solutions to address the complexities and potential vulnerabilities of the manufacturing and industrial industry, its demands for security are evolving at a rapid pace. Encompassing research, manufacturing and production, distribution, and marketing, the industrial and manufacturing sector faces a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.

Manufacturing firms have become a major target of theft, vandalism, management labor related disputes, property damage, equipment and product tampering, and litigation. As products and processes continue to be developed, manufactured, and distributed, professional security planning, prevention, and protection is required.

DG Safety Security brings to its industrial and manufacturing clients an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both the conventional and extended security needs of the field. Facilities and asset protection requires the highest level of security related to access control, ingress and egress monitoring, after hours protection, patrols, and alarm monitoring. Our professionals draw on experience in the industrial and manufacturing industry to provide clients with comprehensive guidelines for security, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and meticulous planning to identify and mitigate potential risks. We provide a range of key services to protect industrial and manufacturing environments:

· Alarm monitoring and integrated security system management

· Environmental health, safety program design

· Facilities protection

· Supply chain security

· Crisis management

· Emergency event response

· Protection against product tampering, counterfeiting, and diversion

· Security operations management

· Intellectual property protection

· Access control and electronic security design

·  Strike security


DG Safety Security offers a broad range of on-board vessel and shore-side maritime security services, from emergency response planning to port maritime and vessel security services with thorough knowledge of this unique environment.

Maritime industries deliver vital trade and transportation services, conveying vast numbers of people and goods every day. Ensuring the safety and security of port facilities, cargo ships, terminals and cruise lines requires highly specialized protection services.

Maritime security requires a variety of specific services related to access control, screening, compliance with federal and international regulations, and incident response, investigation, and reporting. DG Safety Security specialized Maritime Security Service delivers a full range of services to meet the specific needs of the maritime industry.

From the Maritime Transportation and Security, International Ship and International Ship and Port Facility Security and Emergency Response Planning, to piracy threats and health and environmental concerns, our officers have the training, knowledge and skills required to meet the security needs of the industry.

The firm offers a broad range of on-board vessel and shore-side maritime security services, including:

·         Assessments and surveys

·         Auditing and reporting

·         Cargo security

·         Command and control center operators

·         On-board staff augmentation services

·         Patrol and post services

·         Trained and certified screeners

·         Uniformed armed and unarmed guards


A rigorous training and certification program ensures that DG Safety Security personnel meet the highest standards of the industry. Qualified screeners are certified across the range of screening activities. All our officers go through the Transportation Worker Identification Credential process and carry their ID at all times when working in the port environment. Our Officers are also required to undergo ongoing refresher training. Training compliance is audited to ensure all personnel remain informed and their skills reflect the latest industry developments.


In addition to vessels, another significant maritime security risk arises to offshore oil and gas rigs and vessels. These are attractive targets for terrorists and or kidnappers who want to disrupt operations and cause explosions and physical damage to the rig and hence claim their terrorist coast. This is a very different security threat than the piracy threat or the robbery threat that is faced by the cargo vessels or the cruise vessels.

Offshore oil and gas rigs need a sophisticated approach for security, with multiple layers of security covering every aspect of the access to the rig in the first place, and the daily, weekly, monthly security review of the rig.

While Our security solution for the oil and gas industry is packaged to protect the downstream and upstream sector against security threats. Ensuring that security of lives and installations are secured 24/7 against threats such as kidnapping, vandalization and robbery.

Oil & gas companies especially in Nigeria face a growing threat to lives and installations. Our solution is a strong deterrence and protection against theft, kidnapping and pipeline vandalism etc. providing security in remote locations. Offshore locations/installations can also be protected, ensuring that lives/properties are protected until the arrival of security agencies for further investigation.

While making it difficult for the intruder to carry-out their crimes. In the case of Offshore installations we have systems such as DG Floating barrier which makes it highly impossible for the unauthorized boats to have access to these installations.

The downstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry can now reliably protect their properties such as; petrol stations, oil installations, warehouses etc against armed robbery, burglary and vandalisation. Our sophisticated equipments now ensures that security can be monitored remotely and responded to rapidly.


Media and entertainment industry is exposed to tremendeous unique risks that require a professional, experienced, and integrated security approach.

The high level of visibility inherent in the media and entertainment industry creates environments with unique security needs. Physical assets and facilities need protection, and so do creative equity, information, and people. Exposed assets, high-profile individuals, and constant public interaction lead to a range of security vulnerabilities. Professional security planning, prevention, and protection are required to effectively manage risk specific to the media and entertainment environment. With clients including more than a dozen prominent film and television studios, numerous awards program producers, and key notables within the industry, DG Safety Security and our affiliates have unparalleled experience providing security for entertainment industry clients.

Similarly, we provide a broad range of security services for numerous media clients, including major publishing corporations, multiple-market television station owners, and smaller firms in the areas of broadcasting, printing, publishing, and communications.

We also provide security services at high-traffic landmark properties, theme parks, museums, and sporting venues. We perform a broad assortment of security and risk management services for our media and entertainment customers:

  1. Anti-piracy screening security
  2. Crowd and traffic control
  3. Credentials and identification program management
  4. Consulting and investigations (including stalking investigations)
  5. Employee screening
  6. Event venue protection planning and security
  7. Facilities security
  8. Protection of executives and high-profile individuals
  9. Specialized training for clients' own security personnel
  10. Threat assessments

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