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Cellular Jammers

Our line of Cellular Jammers are designed with PLL Stabilization, an engineering feature that makes our digital cellular jammer unparalleled in performance. To jam cell phones using our Stabilized method, we have designed a directional jammer that is able to perform twice as better under difficult operating conditions.

If a phone jammer or tactical jammer is indoors or outside, the normal operating parameters would not apply with our Cellular Jammers. Our digital jamming broadcasts further, with higher concentrated energy, yielding a constant jam wave to effectively block cellular communications.
Cellular Jammer
Cellular Jammer model MS2-3 is a directional digital cellular jammer. It is designed to be able to jam 3 cellular bands, giving off 2 watts per band, totaling 6 Watts of output power.

How does one determine how much power should be used to jam cellular phones? Which Cellular Jammers are appropriate for to use?

A) You may Contact Us for our expert advice.
B) To decide on your own, you may measure several radio frequency attributes and determine which cellular jammers will suit your requirements. There are many variables to consider when choosing this 6 Watt Cellular Jammer, such as the proximity to the local cellular mast, the distance to the cellular phones being jammed, and other details.

What makes our Cellular Jammer better than others?
Because we employ a digital stabilized method, our proprietary design compensates for overheating, shift of frequency targeting due to thermal component elements, and other aspects that we have perfected. This doubles the efficiency of the jamming signal given off.

The Cellular Jammer is ideal for use in:
  • Banks
  • Conference Rooms
  • Government Offices
  • High Security Facilities

For more information on our Cellular Jammer, Contact Us.

Cellular Jammers

Among the cellular jammers we build, our model MS6-3 is a wall mounted directional jammer that can jam user defined areas with exceptional performance. It consists of a 3 band system with 6 Watts per band, totaling 18 Watts. It can be moved by the user to jam specific areas while not interfering adjacent rooms or areas.

Compared to other cellular jammers, the MS6-3 performs very well, thanks to the digital stabilized method that our proprietary design incorporates. Unlike other manufacturers, our system architecture counters overheating that causes shifts in frequency dissemination (due to thermal component factors, degradation, and other elements).

Our cellular jammers are used in prisons, embassies, government installations, and military facilities.

For more information on our Cellular Jammers, Contact Us.

Phone Jammers

The Phone Jammer model MS6-35 is a high power jamming device with a tactical nature. Before entering a house or building, law enforcement has the option to deploy cellular jammers. Once they activate the Phone Jammer, they can prevent criminals and terrorists from speaking with one another, and control mobile communications.

With its 35 Watts per band, this 3 band Phone Jammer can give off 105 Watts of energy in order to block disable cellular phones in the targeted area. The phone jamming is directional, reducing energy waste by directing the jamming where it is meant to go.

Using HSS power stabilization, our Phone Jammer is also made to give off the most efficient form of phone jamming signals. Cellular Jammers with power stabilization can be used in multiple ways with double the efficiency of standard jammers. This system can function as a stationary jammer, yet it is also a portable jammer that comes in a portable case.

There is no warm up time, as the unit will operate once the power is activated.

For more information on the Phone Jammer, Contact Us.

Cell Jammers
The Cell Jammer is a rack mounted 300 Watt high power jamming device, used at buildings and made portable for vehicular deployment to jam cell phone calls. Able to attack 3 cell bands with 100 Watts of jamming power per band, the MS6-300 Cell Jammer is the choice for communication blocking in prisons, security facilities, government offices, and areas where cell phone calls are restricted.

Whether freestanding or mounted, the Cell Jammer is a the most powerful of our Digital Cellular Jammers. It uses our proprietary stabilization method of digital jamming, responsible for the elimination of power loss.

Because of this stabilization factor, the Cell Jammer does not have any power dissipation nor does it over-jam an area. Therefore we do not have to cover a wider bandwidth like other manufacturers do. This means we are able to concentrate the digital jamming power and almost double the effective distances.

As with all our Cellular Jammers, there is no warm up time, as the Cell Jammer will turn on and function once it receives power.

For more information on the Cell Jammer, Contact Us.

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