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Communication Radios for all uses.

Our ST-TVS-2 Micro is a miniature Tactical Voice Encryption Module with ANI Selective Call, Status, & Location System.  They are easily retrofitted into radios to give you unparalleled voice communication privacy - with the best recovered audio quality and speaker recognition in the industry.

Available in your choice of Motorola HT-750, HT-1000, HT1250 or Kenwood TK-370 Series of UHF or VHF hand held, two way radios, they provide true pseudo-random frequency hopping with random dwell, unlike other units that simply sweep. These radios all have a standard line-of-sight range of 4-5 miles. 

This encryption system can be retransmitted through a repeater (such as a Kenwood TK‑875 Repeater) without any loss of audio quality which greatly extends the range of 2 way radios.

Event Radio Communications

Event Radio Communications are the key link to ensure an event runs efficiently and safely.

DG Safety Security Consulting has provided Event Radio Communications for various occasions, ranging from Agricultural Shows to Music Festivals and Concerts.

Our approach is comprehensive and we employ several radio technicians within our team. They also are multi skilled as Security Supervisors or CCTV Installers / Operatives. This enables us to lower the cost to clients for onsite staff when we are providing other services such as CCTV, Security or Traffic Management for an event.

All our equipment operates on OFCOM approved licences with a guarantee of no interference from other users. We provide all additional equipment needed to achieve your requirements such as repeaters, headsets, chargers.

To guarantee equipment life span over the event, we also have replacement equipment on standby at every event at no charge to the client. In the unlikely event, this allows us to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum.

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Mobile Radios for all purposes

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Mobile Radios for all purposes

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Mobile Radios for all purposes

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