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RF Jammers

Most of the RF Jammers we build are directional, be they stationary cellular jammers or portable configurations with RF jamming hardware built into a briefcase. With an omni-directional RF Jammer, users can create a jamming radius around a center-point such as a desk, tabletop, or shelf.

Yet for a phone jammer that is able to concentrate the rf jamming signal without affecting perpendicular rooms or zones, we offer features inherent in our directional jammer and our power selectable jammer. This gives the user the ability to narrow the scope of rf jamming so that interference can be controlled.

This helps prevent unwanted cell phone jammer effects in areas that are not supposed to be jammed.
RF Jammer
This model MS2-POR enhances our line of cellular jammers with directional RF Jamming on specific areas. That means our RF Jammer can focus energy where the user intends to jam, directing RF Jamming signals on areas of concern.

This greatly decreases the chance a call will be able to remain in progress, as our RF Jammer now offers this enhanced directional feature.
RF Jammer model MS2-POR can be used to jam rf signals for cellular phones all over the world. Some cellular jammers work to disrupt calls based on the principles of RF Jamming that involve a denial of service attack. Yet when dealing with our RF Jammer to target a cell phone, there are other factors involved.

These factors are becoming more apparent as other manufacturers offer RF Jammers with the notion that a high power method of RF Jamming will accomplish a denial of service. Yet more and more of our clients are learning a better way to use cellular jammers involve the distribution of the right energy in order to overpower the cellular phone without wasting excess energy.

What is the right amount of energy? Cellular Jammers, no matter where you procure them, will all disseminate RF interference. Yet not all RF Jammers will give off the correct amount of energy that is required to stop a call in progress or a call that is attempting to make a connection.

That said, the MS2-POR RF Jammer was designed to operate beyond the regular standard that RF Jammers utilize. Using a directional antenna component, this RF Jammer can now direct their RF Jamming signals in a means that can be used to isolate specific areas. This RF Jammer is extremely helpful when the user wants to focus the RF Jamming energy to target an area in an efficient manner without causing unknown consequences such as loss of RF Jamming energy to non-important areas.

Many users have recommended directional RF Jamming in order to mitigate interfering with adjoining areas that are off limits to RF Jammers and Cellular Jammers.

With superior design, the MS2-POR RF Jammer keeps one on one meetings private from cellular phones, as well as surreptitious cellular monitoring transmitters. Our Cellular Jammers also operate on all cellular standards.
RF -Jammers
RF Jammers can be used to jam cell phone calls for small to large commercial applications. Our MS-2 phone jammer has a power output of 4 watts, and compares better than other RF Jammers based on its performance. This mobile phone jammer will effectively block cellular telephone signals up to 20m.

Built for RF Jamming in the consumer and executive sectors, these types of RF Jammers target not only cellular mobile phones, but GSM listening devices and cellular transmitters hidden in conference rooms and office environments. With superior design, the MS-2 keeps one on one meetings private from cellular monitoring transmitters.

Our RF Jammers can broadcast the RF jamming signal on all known cellular standards. They operate by interfering with the uplink and downlink connection process between the cell phone phone user and the local cellular tower. When the MS-2 phone jammer is active, anyone with a cell phone in the effected radius will be unable to send or receive calls. They will not know their cell phones are being jammed.

Jamming Range: 15~20 M Radius, depending on location. The MS-2 is designed to operate within a limited area of operation. Recommendation is to use 1 unit for every 2 offices.
Power Selectable Jammers
The Power Selectable Jammer MS-3 is designed to jam mobile phones for small to medium sized commercial applications, giving the user the ability to increase and decrease the power output. The MS-3 Power Selectable Jammer has an output power of 4 watts, which will effectively block cellular phone signals up to 15m +, depending upon operating conditions.

Some of our RF Jammers are built with an internal synchronization module interfaced with a sensitivity control feature. That is feature that enables the user to control the output level of RF Jamming. Built for RF jamming in the consumer, executive, and diplomatic sectors, our cell phone jammer targets not only cellular mobile phones, but GSM listening devices and cellular transmitters hidden in conference rooms, office environments, consulates, embassies, hotel rooms, and other buildings.

With superior design, the Power Selectable Jammer keeps your meetings private from gsm transmitters, cellular eavesdropping devices, as well as unauthorized mobile phones.
To learn more about the RF Jammers with output control such as the Power Selectable Jammer, Contact Us.

Cell Phone Jammers

The Cell Phone Jammer model MS6-2 is a portable jammer built into a briefcase. RF Jammers we build into this type of case jam in one direction only, making it a directional cell phone jammer for use in offices and business environments.

This Cell Phone Jammer concentrates its jamming beam where the user aims it. Simply putting the bried case on the floor or desk and point it toward an area will jam approximately 15 + meters away.

Where can the Cell Phone Jammer operate? It has jamming bands the operator can switch from, enabling the operator to use it anywhere in the world. Just make sure the desired jamming bands are selected.

Many users have recommended directional RF Jamming, built into a briefcase, so the system may be moved from room to room without having to be mounted. The system comes with a rechargeable battery as well as a mains connection for recharging.

For more information on the Cell Phone Jammer as well as other RF Jammers built into a briefcase, Contact Us.

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