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Security Product Introduction

DG Safety Security Consulting, represents a range of security products manufacturer’s in security for civilians, private organizations, NGO’s, Charity organizations, law enforcement personels and the armed forces, Which are engaged in importing the most advanced equipment of the world into Africa. Besides providing you the best products from the most renowned manufacturers our technical staff will undertake the system design, installation & maintenance of all the equipments. We will also train your operators wherever necessary. We also source for your security equipment needs where necessary. Our equipments have been used at the government offices, buildings to guard against natural disasters and attacks like vandalism, burglary and threats of terrorism in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. The company represents patent cutting edge technology products from leading manufacturers. Exclusive Distribution Rights for unique products from manufacturers have been obtained for Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and some West African countries. The marketing and distribution is being implemented through the South African office of DG Safety Security Consulting in Sandton Johannesburg South Africa.

We are dealing in but not limited to the following:

1. Glass Treatment Safety Security Film & (Frosted Films and Heat Resistance Film). 2. Security Walk Through Gate Metal Detector. (Sale/Rental Services). 3. Hand Held Metal Detector. (Sale/ Rental Services). 4. X-Ray Baggage Machine. (Sale/ Rental Services). 5. C.C. TV (Close Circuit Television System). 6. Bullet Proof Jackets/Helmets. 7. Under Vehicle Inspection System. 8. Parcel Mail Detector. 9. Access Control Systems/Card punches System/Time Attendance System/Guard Tour System 10. Road Barriers/ Road Blocker/ Tire Killer/ Rising Wall/ Star Portable Road Blocker. 11. Bomb Suppression Blanket/Helmet. 12. Turnstile Full Height/ Small Height/ Half Height. 13. Glass Sliding Automation System/ Swing Gate System. 14. Public Addressing System/ PABX System. 15. Chain Link Fencing/ Barbed Wire/ Razor Wire. 16. Wireless Communications System. 17. Traffic Cone/ Road Ketaez/ Safety Equipments. 18. Kidnapping Tracking Equipments, Prevention and Combat. 19. 3M Floor Mattes/ 3M Safety Walk. 20. Parking Convex Mirror. 21. Aluminum Work/ Glass Work. 22. Office Name Plate/ Traffic Sign. 23. Safety Shoes Local/ Imported. 24. All Equipments Repairing/ Maintenance. 25. All Civil Works. 26. Anti Terrorism 27. Audio Surveilance 28. Body Armour 29. Military Handbooks 30. Bugging Devices 31. Camo Safes 32. Cellular/ Mobile Phone Jammers 33. Computer Monitoring 34. Video Surveilance 35. Covert Cameras 36. Body Cameras 37. Drug Tests 38. GSM Spy Phones 39. GSM Listening 40. Handcuffs & Leg cuffs 41. Home Security 42. Domestic Security 43. Military Watches 44. Night Vision 45. NBC Protection 46. Personal Allarms 47. Police Equipments 48. Radar Detection 49. Remote Recording 50. Phone Recording 51. Torches 52. Veyicle Tracking (Before & After)

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