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DG Security Services

DG Safety Security Services and its Secure Minds is an independent consultancy not tied to any other businesses outside safety and security as our core. As we do procure and sell security products as manufacturers African distributor. This means that the advice we give you is unbiased, objective and strategic. After reviewing your needs, we make recommendations that are right for your business - and your budget. Our security management professionals all have corporate expert experience and meet the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. No matter how stringent or demanding your security requirements, we can recommend solutions that address them to your complete satisfaction. DG Physical Security Consultants have grown in experience over the years and offers consultancy services to assist clients to provide safe and secure environments for their people, property and profits. Making the right decision in the beginning is crucial to the success of any project, however, when it comes to security this usually requires specialist assistance. Many companies do not have in-house security experts or the available resource as we do in all African countries where we operate. DG Safety & Security Consultants have a pedigree in providing security assessments, advice, design, project management, and documentation. Our clients range from high street retailers to high risk Government agencies, this means that we only employ security management professionals with corporate experience who will adhere to the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

Our Security Services Lines 

Services are; • Security Risk and Threat Assessments ● Security Management & Assessment Consulting Services ● Security Investigations, Special Operations, Background Screening & Due Diligence Investigations, Corporate Frauds Investigation ● Counter Terrorism & Kidnapping ● Security Expert Witness Services ● Security Patrol/Guards Services Training ● Traffic Control Flagging • Complete Security Design Services • Intercoms and Video Verification • Personnel Security – Policy, Workflow and Processes • Remote Monitoring – Strategy and Expert Advice • Client Brief and Tender Specifications • Physical Security – • Intrusion Detection • Access Control • Policy Review and Development • Agency Security Plans – Review and development • Project support services (tender development and assessments) • Alarm Systems Design and Specifications • CCTV Surveillance and Recording Systems • Tender Assessment and Recommendations • Existing System Analysis and Recommendations • System Integration – Planning, Advice and Implementation • Strategic Security Support

Threats, Risk Assessments & Management

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of the Threats, known as The Source of Danger to your business, without a clear understanding we cannot identify the types and levels of risk that you may be facing and until these have been understood the possibility of a security plan to minimise the risks is unreachable. If these Threats and Risks are not already known and fully understood a security survey and Threat & Risk assessment will identify them. All businesses face some form of security risk, which can vary from low risk to critical risk that could be from internal or external forces. Failure to recognise and manage these risks could seriously jeopardize even the most successful business, leaving them open to attack that could possibly result in a costly interruption to normal business continuity. DG Safety & Security Services models the risk levels from the Africa’s foremost experts within domestic security, the African Security Services. This model enables our survey assessments to be more focused and critical as opposed to the normal low, medium and high. We will carry out a full Threat & Risk Assessment on any or all aspects of your business, be it a site you want to implement a new mobile communications mast, or an area of your business policy or procedures you feel is not secure enough, to your lone worker protection needs. The assessment will identify and evaluate potential threats and associated risks that exist with your current security systems and procedures and their effectiveness against specific agreed criteria. In our detailed report we will provide recommendations that are practical, cost efficient and realistic to manage those risks we have identified to each threat. We will then advise on the implementation of systems and procedures to prevent negative security events, normally starting with the highest threat-risk level whilst advising on measures to put in place should the worst happen. The solutions that DG Safety & Security Services recommend will be appropriate to the level of exposure and threat. We work from a discreet, unobtrusive stance in harmony with your existing operational activities. We will maintain a complete impartial, unbiased advice that will enable you to choose our first-class service.

Investigation -To Know is to Survive

With the regulations relating to Legal, Commercial and Public enquires that run inline with the Data Protection laws, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Human Rights Act, normal access to data and personal information has dropped by 50% over the last year. Our resource centre allows timely information to be gained by cross-referencing intelligence with all known open source and human source databases. Our investigation service team are all professionals that have dedicated particular specializations from IT Forensics, Data Intelligence Analysis, Human Intelligence, Electronic surveillance Systems, Physical Surveillance and Investigative Law allowing them to keep up-to-date and current. The areas we cover are business investigation services, legal investigation services and private investigation services. Investigations Services: Business Investigation Services With the increase of white-collar crime, the normal business practices for loss prevention and security have become paramount. DG Safety & Security Services have provided a service to many Insurance, Financial and legal company’s not to mention the small and medium businesses we cater for on a regular basis. DG Safety & Security Services has dedicated teams that provide the following services; Employee credit background check, financial & CRB checks, Internal theft and fraud investigations, Counter Espionage and Sweeps Counterfeit, Patency and copyright fraud, Internal security review & testing, Undercover assignments & human intelligence Insurance Claims investigations, Tracing absconders and debt recovery IT investigations & forensics. Legal Investigation Services DG Safety & Security Services provides full litigation support to the legal profession.

Counter Terrorism & Kidnapping

DG Safety Security Consulting is a foremost provider of program management, information technology and equipments support services for the counter-terrorism, counter-kidnapping, and intelligence community operating worldwide. Agility is our hallmark. Anytime there is a requirement for program management of information technology services -- regardless of geography, accessibility, hostility or political climate -- DG Safety Security Consulting have skilled and experienced professionals in place, even under the most challenging or clandestine circumstances, working incessantly to achieve your objectives. DG Safety Security Consulting offers a unique interdisciplinary approach, focused on reducing the risk associated with the intelligent and adaptive threat of terrorism and kidnappings to critical infrastructure,key resources, assets and human lives.

Complete Security Design

The security of your employees, premises and profits is crucial to the ongoing development of your business. Well-designed security systems and procedures are essential for minimizing the risks of threats faced and ensuring business continuity for a sustainable and profitable business. DG Security Design Consultants will work with you to design the best security solution for your business in terms of the level of risk and budget you have, normally this can be calculated with a simple equation that considers financial losses from damage or loss and the financial insurance needed. Using a variety of different security strategies, we can blend the protection of your employees, premises and profits discreetly and seamlessly with your standard operations. Good security design starts with an initial consultation at the initial design stage of a building or development with the people that understand the specific threats. If you are designing from scratch or if you’re refurbishing an existing building, the sooner we get involved the more unobtrusively we can design-out crime and risk to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees.


We at DG Safety & Security Services, we believe CCTV is fast becoming the only solution that really works for businesses throughout the World in combating crime, controlling anti social behaviour, and public safety. CCTV is with us more and more, playing an integral part of our daily lives weather we are buying petrol at the petrol station, in a clothes shop, going to work, or even walking around our city/town centers they are there, assisting in our safety, protecting our stock and premise from theft and damage and protecting our staff. DG Safety & Security Products and our approved installers understand that all of our customers are different and therefore so are their needs, this is why we specialize in marketing and distribution high quality tailor made CCTV systems that operate around the customers requirements and budgets, we can tailor make any system to any specification as we are manufacturer’s African sole distributor of CCTV & IP Cameras giving us and you the freedom of choice for our equipment and its operation. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of technology and continually ensure our staff understands the latest technology improvements available so that we can offer the most advanced and usable systems on the market today.

DG Security Equipment Procurement's

DG Safety Security Consulting is a specialist in security system planning and design. We can assist you in the development of technical and system specifications as well as site reviews for Total Risk Management ensuring a security package to meet your needs and budget. DG Safety Security Consulting has an extensive and proud history in the procurement and provision of professional expertise designing and specifying:

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